Tuesday, November 18, 2014

to poo or not to poo?

I believe that the dirtier the hair, the better. For me, a fresh blow out is at it's best on the 2nd day. A serious concern I have with shampooing is that there a million different types of shampoo's out there yet, all of them strip the hair and most of them are full of ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. I have noticed more and more women, myself included are thinning, more so than say, 15 years ago. Have you taken a look at what is in your shampoo bottle? Do you know what those ingredients are and where they came from? I invite you to take a wee look and ask yourself, " do I want to be applying these toxins to my hair and body?" 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vanessa and Enz's

Vanessa left Enz's with her beautiful new cow girl skirt.
Go to Enz's at 125 2nd Ave NYC for the clothes and 
see Vanessa for that rockin hair style.